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Am I learning the right things?

I’ve recently started reading again, in earnest, for the first time since college. To be honest, I don’t even know if I read in earnest during college, but that’s besides the point. Up until now, I’ve been the type of person who enjoyed buying books and more than taking the time to read them. Ashamedly, I’ve also been the type of person to see a problem in my life and buy a book to solve it; as if once I read it, the problem would magically go away. There is undoubtedly value in this idea, but it’s no silver bullet...

The Review One Person Asked For

This post started as a long-winded reply to a "call for opinions" on Proton that Jason Burk made on Mastodon. I've been thinking alot about the tools I use every day, and how I want to use every tool with intent - I believe I succinctly captured this in my post scriptum. The Review:In my attempt to de-Googlify myself, I started using Proton over a year ago. The draw for me was the promise of privacy and security. I wanted an all inclusive-ish service would allow me to escape the common techno-feudal alignments. I immediately started with Proton Unlimited because...

Rediscovering the Joys of Unicode

I was over on this morning, as it's become my go-to tool for quick access to emojis for web projects. After I had found what I was looking for, I decided to poke around what else was available - lo and behold I found LOTS of other symbols. This led me down one heck of a rabbit hole. I always knew that Unicode was the standards body for characters and symbols in computing. Who doesn't love a good standard! But I did not know how deep Unicode goes - like the full breadth of the characters and symbols included....